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Production services

Having a well-equipped fleet of up-to-date machines with CNC control allows TEC "Polytech"  perform on our production facility any size orders with high quality. We produce lathes, milling, plasma cutting without production lot limiting.


Our advantages:

- The accuracy and quality of work always meets the design documentation;

- Work with different materials;

- Large coverage of the operations in one production facility;

- Short-term performance of works;

- Reasonable prices for any services.





Production Lathes with CNC

Max. swing diameter - 700mm.

Max. swing diameter (support) - 550mm.

Maximum length of the bore – 760 mm.


Mill Complete Machining with CNC

Maximum workpiece weight - 700kg.

The maximum dimensions of the workpiece-1000 x 500 x  500mm.

Processing can be performed according to four axes.


Plasma cutting machine

Maximum list dimensions – 6000 x 2000mm.

Maximum metal thickness - 200mm.


Pipes cutting

Max. diameter – 250mm