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Our services

Modern Engineering Company "POLYTECH" is a flexible and powerful structure with great features. We will create a competitive advantage that will bring success to your business and offer solutions to these problems of the customer: 

1. Necessity to organize one’s own scientific and applied research that requires intensive investments and competences.

2. The duration and complexity of the process of completion and implementation of new technologies.

       The modernization of the production or technological process becomes for company a more attractive for investment because it requires a moderate costs (and associated risks), minimal time and human resources. TEC "POLYTECH" involvement for the implementation of innovative developments will help to save resources, increase investment attractiveness of manufacturing and high output of innovation processes.



New technologies development

    In world history, there are no examples of companies that have achieved significant success, while remaining at the same level for a long time. Innovative solutions - this is what allows a business to evolve and keep pace with the times.
         As practice shows, at all times, the emergence of new technologies has been driven by the desire to optimize workflow, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The use of new technologies gives a competitive advantage, can increase profitability and market share is on the market.
        Together with our founder - the South Russian State Polytechnical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute), we can execute the development and implementation of innovation in your company at any level of complexity.



Improving the efficiency of existing technologies

           Successfully operating in the market, the company periodically faced with the need to increase efficiency and improve existing production lines. Wherein said line can be sufficiently modern and do not require costly and time-consuming complete replacement.
           TEC "POLYTECH" can modernize and increase the efficiency of existing production lines and equipment without costly investments in a reasonable time. We offer a series of activities that will result in the creation of new approaches to the existing fabric of the enterprise.
            We'll reveal new opportunities for your business and seek additional ways to improve its efficiency! Our company is focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers in any area of ??activity.



 Implementaion existing technologies for the production project management

In today's world everything is becoming smaller time intervals during which innovative solutions are at the peak of relevance, then there comes obsolescence. In such conditions, the speed of decision-making on the use of certain innovations, as well as on how quickly carried introduction.

          In order to minimize costs and increase the speed of introduction of new technologies and innovation, technological engineering company "POLYTECH" is ready to implement projects related to the developed world or ready to implement technology in an existing facility. Thus, the modernization of the production process or for the enterprise becomes more attractive to investors, as it requires a moderate cost and the associated risk, minimal time and human resursov.ncheskie and test processes dependent onset of the positive effect of the introduction and first results.  

         Our team of experienced managers and engineers promptly execute the integration of new technologies in the most ambitious and complex projects.


Production of complte innovative products

           Availability of our own production base and an extensive network of collaborations can produce and deliver the finished product to the Customer on the basis of innovation. We will supply a large party and custom-made unique products in the domestic market and abroad.

           With TEC "POLYTECH" you will become the owner of a unique product manufactured in full compliance with your requirements and business ideas.






Create new production of innovative products with further transfer to the Customer

            Design, construction, commissioning and start-up, commissioning of production are very complicated and time-consuming stages of the creation of new production, requiring skill, experience and resources. We are ready to take over the organization of the modern innovation of new products  with the transfer of the customer ready industrial complex.

        You will only need to produce and sell new products at a profit.




Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency

           Energy survey company is one of the most modern and best industry audit of energy efficiency, which allows to identify the causes wastage of energy resources that are not justified for the enterprise losses. It can be carried out in respect of the process, industrial plant, structure or even individual equipment.

          The survey provides some basic steps: collection and processing of information on the use of energy resources the object under investigation, obtaining objective information about the volume of consumption, data on the level of energy efficiency, establishing savings opportunities of energy consumed, a plan of action to minimize losses.

TEC "POLYTECH" offers in the field of energy audit:
- Energy Survey (primary, secondary, routine, extraordinary, pre-operational) srazrabotkoy energy certificates;
- Identification of energy-saving potential, the growth of energy efficiency, including the drafting of an action plan on energy conservation in order to save energy consumption, reduction of non-productive operation of the
heat loss and energy consumption.

 We answer all the requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of energy saving and have officially confirmed the right to conduct energy audits